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Colour photograph of the offie we designed for Figure. We see a meeting room with peach walls and carpet and fresh lighting.


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Meet Robin

I'm Robin Wycherley – Interior Architect and the founder of Itu Design. I design office interiors for global corporations. I've attracted incredible clients to my boutique agency in Helsinki Finland, including Samsung, Lenovo, AbbVie and the United Nations.

I also help Interior Architects and Interior Designers to Optimize their Businesses through 1-on-1 Coaching and Mastermind Groups.

In these pages I'll share the strategies and tactics that I've learnt during 15 years, so you can optimize your business, leverage your time, and focus on what you love too.

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Quick List of My Favorite Tools

Download your free PDF of the tools that are essential to my commercial Interior Design firm – software, hardware and websites that I hope will help your business too!

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Companies I've designed office spaces for include:

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