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Most designers have no idea what’s going on in their business.

At least I didn’t.

Then I developed this incredibly simple

Now you can get it too (It’s a spreadsheet).

And there's a 10 minute training video showing how to use it.

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Is this you?
As a designer running your own business you're busy. Developing designs, producing drawings, attending meetings, visiting sites – it's non stop. Are you spending 95% of your time on fulfillment – delivering on promises to your clients, and spending the rest of your time on admin?

In which case you probably don't have a birds-eye view of the health of your business. And with no holistic view you have no idea where to focus your efforts. I find designers often jump from task to task with no real strategy, unsure if they'll run out of work in a month or be swamped with new projects.

That used to be me too.

But I asked myself, "what if there was a simple tool I could use to track my business?" Not an expensive and complicated online project management tool. But a simple spreadsheet that would tell me at a glance where I am and where I should focus my attention next.

Imagine if you had a single place where you could easily see and track the key metrics in your business, and instantly know how your business is going – whether to focus on generating more leads, encourage those leads to request offers or focus on convincing those leads to buy. With the Optimise Your Design Business Dashboard now you can.

The OYDB Dashboard

So I developed a simple Dashboard to monitor the key metrics in my business. And I was stunned – it only takes monitoring just 3 key metrics to be able to have holistic view of your company's health in seconds. And what's more – I can keep it updated with just 10 minutes per week.

And the OYDB Dashboard has become the most essential tool in my business. Over time the insights become ever more valuable, as I can compare historic data with current trends. And now you can take use of my Dashboard too, for free. And there's access to a 10 minute video where I show you how to use it.

How it works
You only need to track 3 metrics to see at a glance if you should:

  • focus on marketing to attract more leads
  • develop your service to create more opportunities to make offers
  • improve your sales process so you convert more offers into deals
  • be concerned about a lack of work
  • gear up ready to handle an influx of new projects

The OYDB Dashboard gives you this insight at a glance.

So If you want:

  • Confidence and clarity in your business
  • Insights to help you manage your business
  • Freedom from overwhelm and uncertainty

Download the OYDB Dashboard now.


Is this download really free?

Yes! You just need to sign-up with your name and email address to get access. You'll also be signed up to our weekly community newsletter full of tactics and tips.

Who is this Dashboard suitable for?

Any designers who work alone or run a small company. Especially if you're feeling out of control.

How long will it take?

It just takes 10 minutes each month to keep the Dashboard up to date. And the training video is only 10 minutes long, and of course you can skip or re-watch parts.

How do I get the most out of the class?

Download the Dashboard as an Excel document and follow the emailed link to watch the video.

Get the OYDB Dashboard now and start optimizing your business immediately. Your future self will thank you!

Download Your Dashboard

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